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About us

Fakher ICT Development Company (FIDCO) has been established as the ICT Holding of Fakher Group to provide services in the field of information and communication technology. FIDCO uses its own technology combined with third-party-owned technologies provided by its strong international partners as a leading company in ICT services in IRAN and one of the best in the MENA region.

The company provides a wide range of services covering:

  • ICT Management and Consulting services

  • ICT Services for Businesses and Corporates

  • Mobile Value-Added Services

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Value Added Services

We provide a wide range of value added services including:

  • Entertainment

  • Mobile Payment

  • Mobile Health

  • Mobile Ads

  • ...

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Corporate and Business Services

Our services enable companies to improve their businesses and reduce costs:

  • IOT Platform

  • QOS & QOE Testing

  • Unified Communication

  • Fraud Management and Revenue Assurance


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Management and Consulting Services

We have a variety of success stories in ICT management and consulting services:

  • ICT Managed Services

  • ICT Master Planning

  • ICT Investment Consulting

  • ICT Feasibility study and Business Planning


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You can work in a technology-driven and innovative environment in FIDCO.

Culture of trust, creativity and innovation institutionalized that helps to recruit and retain the best employees.

FIDCO strives to attract the best available talent.

You can send your CV via email to career@fidco.ir

Address: No 5, Didar St, Africa Ave,1518843317, Tehran, IRAN.
Tel: +98 21 88679886-7
Fax: +98 21 88785965
Email: info@fidco.ir